Home in our Dreams

This poem was written by Mike Dixon, and first read at 

the memorial service for popular Purple Martin Society 

member Cecil Clipp, held in October, 2013. 


When the north winds blow and the jungles turn dry 

It's that time of year - so we take to the sky? 

Over valleys and rivers - over mountains and streams 

We start out our journey to the home in our dreams. 

Straight north to the coast, where we bask in the sun 

For the next flight ahead is the most difficult one. 

Cool tropical nights and warm summer breezes - 

Will soon turn to sights of cold winter freezes. 

But be not dismayed - We hearken the call! 

To the home in our dreams for each one of us all. 

Then we wait for the winds that blow to the north 

To give us good speed and to steady our course. 

We start out together as one massive flight - 

But we soon become scattered and far out of sight. 

The winds they blow steady and the oceans below - 

Ready to grab us if we fly too low. 

But the winds are our friends and the ocean's our foe - 

With nowhere to land and a long way to go. 

But be not dismayed - We hearken the call! 

To the home in our dreams for each one of us all. 

Steadfast we travel straight north through the night - 

Until long last at dawn we see land in sight! 

But the winds they do warn us not to fly too near - 

For the ocean's still below us with such perilous fear. 

So onward we journey until others we see - 

Circling by thousands above an old roosting tree. 

Then too weak from hunger and nothing to eat 

We drop from the sky and on branches we sleep. 

But on the very next day we continue our flight - 

For our journey's not over until we reach nesting sight. 

Over mountains and hills - over valleys and streams - 

We fly northward bound to the home in our dreams. 

Then we finally arrive but for five months or so - 

And then once again on return journey we go. 

"A miracle," you say. "Such an incredible flight. 

A gift from the heavens - a spectacular sight!" 

So treat us well - old friends from below - 

For you are like us and one day you will go.